Do You Give Away Your Power?

The FIRST step in taking back your power is getting clear on the ways you give it away.  This self-assessment is designed to assist you in achieving a greater level of self-awareness.

We can’t change something we don’t know about!

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About the author.

Coach Maddox

People often ask me: why am I, as a man, creating a practice to help women?

I have always had a magical relationship with women… as a child, as a teenager, and throughout my adulthood as a gay man. There are so many women in my life that have been powerfully loving, accepting, supportive, and loyal to me, and yet I also noticed that they often don’t relate to themselves with that same fiercely loving attitude.

Though it wasn’t necessarily a conscious choice to help women take a stand in their own power, in my 20s I became a hairdresser and served women for four decades, often doubling as an unofficial coach when they were in my chair. I decided to make it official, through study and supervised practice. Now as a professional coach, I am joyfully able to give my time and effort directly to helping women stand in their personal power by seeing the inner and outer beauty that I have always seen in them. I have the ability to help my clients see any aspect of their life from new perspectives, and this opens up a whole new world of possibilities and opportunities.

As a fierce advocate for women, I’m here to support you in standing in your personal power. Please check out my Tribe, Take a Stand, Darling!

“We Train People How to Treat Us…”

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