Doormat No More

Learn to take your power back and
feel recognized and respected in all you relationships…

because whether you believe it or not,
honey, you’re worth it!

You’re a smart cookie and you have done some stuff you’re proud of in your life. On the outside, life looks good, but on the inside… you’re miserable!  You know it and I know it!

You have family, kids, parents, and friends that you faithfully care for whenever there is a need, but what about you? Who takes care of you?

The Problem

I’m willing to bet some of these situations are familiar.  And there are many more examples.

Your husband tells you what to do or even how to think, as if you’re not smart enough to have your own opinion.

You have an aging parent that expects you to take care of them like you have nothing else to do, but still talks down to you like you are a stupid child.

You have a friend that makes everything about her and continually goes on about her life and her problems, but never seems to be interested in you or your life.

You suck at saying no and, unfortunately, many people in your life have figured that out. As a result, you get asked to do lots of stuff that just drains the life right out of you. You say yes, even when you don’t want to because you fear what will happen if you say no.

It feels like someone is continually coming to you needing something… like you are an endless resource.

Someone does something that hurts you, but you don’t know how to stand up for yourself.  Or, the thought of confronting that person terrifies you.

At the end of the day, you feel physically exhausted, emotionally drained, and somewhat angry.

In fact, you feel like a DOORMAT. Even your loved ones, although they probably don’t realize it, are doing their share of wiping their feet on you.  Under the surface of having your life together, you feel weak, unimportant, unseen, unheard, and unvalued, in spite of the fact that you give so much.

Girl… life wasn’t supposed to turn out this way, was it? What the hell went wrong?

You know your husband and children love you, but it doesn’t always feel that way. Everyone seems to be getting taken care of but you!

Do you ever feel like…  “STOP… I want OUT!”?

The Tipping Point

After all these years, you are deeply resentful for the way things are. Your anger and resentment comes out in ugly ways with the ones you love most.  You fear that this kind of negativity could eventually drive your husband away and keep your kids from even wanting to talk with you. You’re scared and you feel a sense of hopelessness.


Here’s the problem:  Chances are, you were given really strong messages growing up that being focused on your own needs and desires was selfish.

Giving to others and taking care of others became a way to get the love, attention, and acceptance that you so deeply crave.  The unconscious thought was, “If I do enough and give enough, maybe they will love me.”  Am I right?

But wait… it hasn’t worked out like that.

What Got You Here, Won’t Get You There

While being someone who catered to everyone’s wants and needs as a child and teenager was most likely a survival mechanism that worked to get you through that time of life safely, that way of “being” is not going to get you what you crave most in life and relationships as a mature adult. It’s time to GET REAL with yourself. The way you are operating is NOT working for you!

A New Path to Hope

Look… the people in your life wanted the best for you and gave you the best advice they had, passed down through the generations.  While you were most likely raised to be strong, you were also raised to place other’s needs before your own. That strength has worked in your favor, but making your own needs and desires come last has not.

It’s time to learn a new set a skills and capacities.  Filling your tank first will enable you to support and assist those you love without giving all of who you are away, leaving you nothing.

NEWS FLASH… You need to learn the value of supporting others without taking responsibility for them or enabling them.

It’s time to focus on YOUR responsibility for your OWN experiences and take back your power.

The "Doormat No More" Journey

If you are still reading, it is likely that you are reading a version of your own painful story.

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